Russia and Hong Kong enter joint visa agreement

- Posted in Worldwide by Visa Bureauon 02 July 2009

A Hong Kong citizen may now enter Russia, without the need of getting an invite directly from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Russia for a Russian visa

The visa-free trips are being allowed under an agreement between Russia and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China on a mutual abolishment of visa requirements for permanent citizens of both nations.

The agreement only came into force on July 1, although it was signed by Russian Ambassador to China Sergei Razov and Director of the Hong Kong Immigration Department Simon Peh back on April 23.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has expressed hope that "abolishment of visa requirements will contribute to closer friendly ties, development of cooperation and intensification of exchanges, particularly in tourism between Russia and Hong Kong."

The Russian ambassador to China also praised highly the agreement.

Russian-Hong Kong relations "are developing quickly, the bilateral trade reached US $1.7 billion in the previous year, cultural, scientific and education contacts are developing actively," Razov said.

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