Republican candidate proposes flexible America visa for illegal immigrants

- Posted in America by Visa Bureauon 04 November 2011

In an interview with CNN yesterday, Texas Governor and presidential aspirant Rick Perry flagged the possibility of a new America visa that would allow flexible leave and entry conditions for illegal American immigrants. 

Perry proposed the policy idea as an alternative to the 'amnesty' supported by some of his Republican candidature rivals and previous politicians, which would provide a path to US citizenship for immigrants that do not hold a valid America visa.

“You can put a program into place in which these individuals can be identified, and work visas in which they can move back and forth between their countries but not to become United States citizens,” Perry said.

Governor Perry argued that the American public is likely to be more supportive of a new visa arrangement than a mechanism whereby illegal immigrants could obtain citizenship.

"And I think that’s where (former presidential candidate John) McCain, that’s where (presidential candidate Mitt) Romney, that’s where even (President George W) Bush went wrong when they talked about the issue that, 'we’re going to give amnesty to these individuals,' and people just said, 'no, we’re not.'"

Perry said the policy also presents a more realistic solution to illegal immigration, saying that border patrol and deportation alone will not suffice.

"I disagree with the concept that somehow or another we’re going to pack up 10, to 12, to 15 million people and ship them back to the country of origin. That’s not going to happen," Perry said.

"So reality has to be part of our conversation. And then you need to have a strategy to deal with it. That is what I think we will have, but first you have to secure that border."

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