Report reveals demand for foreign workers by New Zealand businesses

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 23 November 2011

The research indicates that Australia, the United Kingdom, South Africa, India and China are the countries that employers in New Zealand most closely associate with suitable workers to bring in via New Zealand immigration to fill positions.

Discussing the research, Lincoln Crawley, the managing director of Manpower Group New Zealand and Australia, suggested employers should become more sophisticated in managing talent supply.

“This means including a talent mobility strategy in their overall plan to combat skills shortages”, he said. Addressing concerns employers in New Zealand have regarding losing their own workforce to opportunities overseas, Mr. Crawley said: “…the problem is, the skills gaps in New Zealand are very similar to the rest of the world - engineers and skilled trades people are in demand everywhere."

Mr. Crawley suggested that a global talent strategy needed to be created that would attract foreign workers and fill skill shortages.

The research further indicates that understanding New Zealand visa and legal requirements is the biggest of all obstacles for employers seeking to recruit foreign workers to help solve talent shortages. The research was conducted worldwide, involving 25,000 employers across 39 countries in July and August 2011. Involvement was conducted by phone, and online in the US.  

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