Report: NZ immigration department shows integrity

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 06 October 2008

The report reviews the Department of Labour’s handling of New Zealand immigration issues and the issuing of New Zealand visas

"It is important that New Zealanders have trust in our public institutions, and the government is determined to uphold integrity in the public sector," Mr Parker said.

"The actions being undertaken by the chief executive of the Department of Labour, Christopher Blake, to respond to the recommendations in this report, will assist to restore confidence in that department,” he added.

Authors of the report noted they were impressed by the high standard of integrity found in the New Zealand immigration department, and that most Immigration officers showed they can be trusted to uphold the values of the New Zealand government.

Mr Parker also said New Zealanders and the government had high expectations of the public sector, and in most cases these were upheld.

In related news, in a speech to the Association for Migration and Investment in Auckland during August, New Zealand Immigration Minister Clayton Cosgrove praised the achievements of the government’s skilled migration program. 

Recent figures from a report on 'The Fiscal Impacts of Immigration' show immigration contributed net $3.3 million to the economy in the 2005-06 financial year, and 60 per cent of the growth of the economy over the past five years is a result of the skilled migration program.

The latest 'Migration Trends' report also show temporary migration has increased by 18 per cent over the past decade, to 115,500 temporary New Zealand work permits issued in the year 2006/07.  Since 2003, 105,000 people have been approved for permanent residency, and 89 per cent of these were already on temporary permits. 

"That said, there is still room for improvement within our immigration processes, and the government is working hard to deliver a system that will better serve New Zealanders and migrants, and into the future. We need to anticipate the opportunities and challenges ahead if we are to stay on top," Mr Cosgrove added. 

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Article by Jessica Bird, New Zealand Visa Bureau.