Relocating Down Under to the Sunshine Coast

Britain is still tightly in the grip of winter, but on Relocation: Phil Down Under this week things are decidedly warmer in the sunshine state of Queensland

Australian property expert Phil Spencer meets up with Mark and Amanda Daniels, who are house-hunting on the Sunshine Coast with a cool one million dollar budget.

The ample budget doesn’t mean Phil will find this search easy, as the Sunshine Coast is undisputedly one of fastest growing regions in Australia and the local property market has seen tremendous capital growth over the last decade.

Less touristy than the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast is still only around an hour or two from the capital Brisbane, with gorgeous beaches, expansive coastal views, a beautiful hinterland, and a growing economy.

Lifestyle on the Sunshine Coast is a major pull, but as well as the idyllic beachside living it also has excellent local schools, universities, roads, and other infrastructure.

The Mark and Amanda left behind their successful recruitment business in Devon to emigrate to Australia with their two children. They are keen get the most of their money and want a modern, open-plan home that is close to the beach,  with a minimum of three bedrooms, an office, and a pool for the active children.

Luckily, Phil has a few modern homes along the coast that might appeal to the family.

Relocation: Phil Down Under on Channel 4 on Friday, 5 February at 8pm.

- Stephanie Bradley is Content and Communications Editor for the Australian Visa Bureau.