Relief as US Visa is renewed for Washington chiropractor

- Posted in America by Visa Bureauon 03 November 2010

The US State Department has renewed the investor US Visa of Masud Hasan and his family, a move that the government told him was a "special clearance."

Masud Hasan is Bangladeshi with Canadian citizenship, and has he had lived legally in the US with his Canadian citizen wife under the E-2 US Visa, which is available to foreigners who invest in US businesses that provide jobs for Americans.

The visa is a non-immigrant visa that requires renewal every five years, and does not grant any form of legal permanent immigrant status nor can it lead to US citizenship.

Hasan has run his successful chiropractic business, which employs a number of US workers, for the past five years after completing his study in the US.

In order to renew the visa he and his wife and 6-year-old US-born daughter had to leave the family home and travel to Toronto for an interview at the US Consulate. The Husan family was prepared to wait up to six weeks in Canada until the visa was renewed, but after 15 weeks the family was still waiting and the future of their business was increasingly becoming worrisome.
Hasan's business, Healthquest Chiropractic in Bellevue, suffered without him then to do consultations, and with revenue severely limited for such a long period of time the future of the business was in doubt and the employees’ jobs in limbo.

The agency's delay in granting the US Visa — and its sudden renewal — came without explanation although recent publicity into the case might have helped.

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