Record number of new UK citizens

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 22 May 2008

Anyone applying for UK citizenship must complete a life in the UK test. The record citizenship numbers have contributed to a whopping two million Life in the UK Tests written over the last 11 years.

New British citizens come from a variety of locations, including Australia, Africa and India. Interestingly, Australian migrants to the UK opted to become a full citizen at a proportionally higher rate than those from some other regions. According to the Herald Sun, many cited the fact that they were already residents on Ancestry or Working Holiday Visas, with others choosing to become British citizens to stay with a UK spouse.

The record number of citizenship grants in 2007 represents a seven per cent rise over the previous year. The Home Office credits a more efficient processing system for reducing a backlog of applicants, allowing them to process more citizenship applications in less time. The government department revealed that 2,300 applicants were denied UK citizenship due to not having sufficient language skills or failing the life in the UK test.

Most official estimates put the total number of people entering the UK last year at 591,000.

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