Real fun and serious savings for New Zealand working holiday visa travellers

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 11 March 2008

Visa Bureau is proud to announce its new Platinum Card for New Zealand Working Holiday visa clients.  The Platinum Card can save you over $250 on accommodation, activities and adventures in New Zealand!  There’s something good at the end of that 24 hour flight. 

If you apply for your Working Holiday Visa to New Zealand with Visa Bureau, we’ll send you our New Zealand Working Holiday Guide, along with the Platinum Card.  Our Working Holiday Guide will help keep you out of trouble – or help you find it, if that’s your thing – while the Platinum Card saves you money! 

Once you’ve registered your card online, you can flash it around New Zealand to get deals on travel, free nights of accommodation and discounts on once-in-a-lifetime New Zealand adventures.

Want to find out more? Check out our New Zealand Working Holiday Guide and Platinum Card page. If you're all set to explore New Zealand and earn some cash on a Working Holiday, take a New Zealand Working Holiday Visa application with Visa Bureau and make sure you register your Platinum Card to be all set to make some savings while you're there!