Queensland State Sponsorship Closure

Business & Skilled Migration Queensland (BSMQ) have announced temporary closure of their state sponsorship programme. BSMQ will no longer be issuing new invitations for applicants to apply for state sponsorship. As a result skilled and business applicants will no longer be able to apply for Queensland state sponsorship.

BSMQ have announced this is due to a backlog of applications, however have not stated when they will re-open applications.

As the points threshold for skilled migration remains inflated, an increasing number of applicants are seeking state sponsorship. Consequently it's becoming more difficult to secure state sponsorship. The ACT skilled migration programme has been closed since 23 August 2017 to overseas applicants and no date has been released as to when (and if) it will re-open. While other states remain open, there are strict criteria in place which create barriers for potential migrants. Common criteria include meeting financial requirements or evidencing employability in the main applicant's profession. Additionally, many states are increasing their processing times for state sponsorship applications. The Northern Territory are currently taking 6-8 months to make a decision on submitted applications.

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