Pakistan, US visa row continues

The two countries have had some differences in relation to the issuing of visas, resulting in major delays for both Pakistani and US Visa applications.

US Embassy spokesman Richard Senlsire told news organisations that Pakistan and the US have some differences over issuance of visas and expressed the hope that it would soon be resolved.

“Every country follows a specific visa policy and they don’t think it a big problem, Pakistan is our coalition partner and visa issue would be resolved amicably,” he said.

State Department Spokesman in Washington, PJ Crowley, said they have been working with Pakistan for a number of months on the issue.

"I would tell you that as we work with Pakistan, as we continue to build up our capabilities in consulates around the country, as we increase our co-operation with Pakistan on a number of issues, including counter-terrorism, we have been pushing and prodding Pakistan to increase the number of visas available to US employees at our embassy and at our consulates," he said.

"While there have been some improvements recently, I think that still remains an issue where we just need more visas to put the people in place to help work with Pakistan and to make progress on economic issues, security issues, and agricultural issues.”

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