Painters, teachers and construction professionals get the state sponsorship nod from NSW

NSW has added occupations to its
Migration Plan (SMP). 

NSW is one of the most popular migration destinations in Australia and from the world class city of Sydney to the snowfields of Thredbo and Perisher to the almost 2000 kilometres coastline, it's not hard to see why.

The NSW Government has just added a number of new occupations to its State Migration Plan, which means it will sponsor workers in these fields to obtain an Australia visa and emigrate to NSW. The new occupations on the NSW SMP list are:

  • Financial investment advisor;
  • Chief information officer;
  • Systems administrator;
  • Construction project manager;
  • University lecturer in nursing;
  • Early childhood (pre-primary school) teacher; and
  • Painting trades worker

It is expected that applicants for financial investment advisor, early childhood teacher and painter sponsorships have at least three years experience in the occupation. To be eligible for any of the other new additions to the occupation list, you must have at least five years experience.

The addition of the teacher, painter and construction project manager roles are especially significant as they suggest a change in pattern of skills demand in NSW.

"In the past the NSW Government has largely focused on pharmaceutical,  finance and IT professionals with certain specialisations," said Australian Visa Bureau spokesperson Leonie Cotton.

However, it is unclear whether painters have to have an AQF certificate IV or whether an equivalent will be sufficient, in demonstrating qualification.

NSW has also announced that it will sponsor metallurgists and electricians (special class) under the Skilled Regional migration (475) program, whereby migration is conditional upon relocating to regional areas where specific skills are required. The government is currently inviting applications to settle in the state's Northern Inland, Riverina, Orana and Murray regions. Under the 475 program, you must first be sponsored by a regional certifying body before applying to the NSW Government.

Applicants for NSW state sponsorship must first meet the following criteria:

  • Under 50 years of age;
  • Competent English language skills;
  • 65 points in the Australian immigration department skills test; and
  • Have skills assessed by the relevant Australian assessment body.

What are the benefits to being sponsored under a State Migration Plan?

One of the main benefits of being sponsored under a State Migration Plan is how it will affect visa processing timeframes. Applicants whose occupations appear on this list will be assigned, or re-assigned, into Priority Group 3, according to the current processing directive. This means that these applicants should see their applications finalised in approx. 12 months after lodgement, or as soon as possible if their existing application has already be lodged longer than that.

- Aleks Vickovich is Online Editor for the Australian Visa Bureau.