Pacific Quota New Zealand Visa applications due next month

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 25 January 2011

The 2010 SQ and PAC New Zealand Visa applications are scheduled to be closed on Friday 12 February 2011.

Head of Immigration New Zealand, Nigel Bickle says all successful applicants from the 2010 ballot should contact their nearest Immigration New Zealand branch for any assistance and make sure they have all the necessary documentation for their application.

“Pacific people seeking residence in New Zealand under SQ or PAC should meet the standard criteria such as age, health and absence of criminal convictions. Employment is an important consideration in terms of settlement, so a genuine job offer for full time work is an important component of obtaining residence,” says Mr Bickle.

Fully completed resident applications must be received by Immigration New Zealand by 12 February or they cannot be accepted.  Any applications received after this date or not properly completed will be returned.

Applications for residence under the SQ and PAC can be lodged at the nearest Immigration New Zealand branches in Fiji, Tonga, Samoa and Manukau office in New Zealand.

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