Over half a million vacancies in the UK still waiting to be filled

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 27 January 2009

The UK Office for National Statistics claims there are 530,000 vacancies waiting to be filled with UK workers, despite there being an endemic rise in unemployment levels.

In the three months to November 2008, the numbers of vacancies in the mining, energy and water and supply industries increased, while positions in the finance and businesses services and manufacturing industries took a hard hit.

In related news, the chief economist of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development John Philpott has warned British MPs to reduce the numbers of immigrants who move to the UK during the economic recession.

Philpott advised MPs sitting on the Work and Pensions Committee to further restrict the new points-based migration programme so that non-EU workers do not unnecessarily flood the struggling labour market.

Minister for Immigration and Citizenship Phil Woolas maintains that the new system for UK immigration allows only those migrants needed to move to the UK and no more, so that the jobs of local workers can be protected.

"When we have a slack labour market, we should not need as many migrant workers.  It might be that the new points-based system needs to be tightened up to reflect current labour market needs," Mr Philpott told reporters.

"You should have a policy that makes migration work for you, making it easier for people to come in when you need them, and possibly restricting entry when you don't," he added.

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