Obama's brother refused UK visa

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 16 April 2009

The new UK visa system using biometrics was the obstacle for Samson Obama, who was using Britain as a stopover to see his brother's inauguration in January of this year.  Last year while in the UK, Obama was arrested for accusations of sexually assaulting a girl and had given the police a false name to cover his identity.  After taking fingerprints of the Kenyan, Samson Obama was released after charges were not laid.

On his way to America, the authorities denied his UK visa application because they noticed the fingerprints taken last year matched his fingerprints supplied for the UK visa application, yet the names did not match up.  As a result, they denied his UK visa application for giving UK authorities a false identity.

A Home Office spokesperson said that while they cannot comment on specific cases of UK immigration, it is policy to deny a UK visa application to any applicant who they feel are "not conducive to the public good."

"All visa applicants are fingerprinted and checked against watch lists. Using this high-tech system, we have detected more than 5,600 attempts to use false identities since December 2007," the agency said in a statement.

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