Obama to discuss US immigration at US-Mexico border

- Posted in America by Visa Bureauon 10 May 2011

Obama's speech will take place at the Chamizal National Memorial in El Paso which commemorates the peaceful settlement of the Chamizal border dispute and acts as a symbol of cooperation between the United States and Mexico.

It is expected that Obama will use the location to make a case that the US-Mexico border is now sufficiently secure and the time is right for comprehensive US visa and immigration reform to be pursued in the interest of America's economy.

A senior administration official has said that not only will he seek for legislation to be introduced to allow for more immigrants to work in the US, but also to provide illegal immigrants in the US with a pathway to citizenship.

His push for US immigration reform fulfils a campaign promise made by the President, though Republicans have repeatedly said that they will not support any new immigration legislation until more is done to secure the border.

A statement has been released by Sen. John Cornyn of Texas to that effect, saying “It’s disappointing that the only time border security and immigration reform get President Obama’s attention is when he is campaigning.”

“The bottom line is that nothing President Obama says, or where he says it, can change the fact that he failed to deliver on his promise to make immigration reform a priority during his first year in office.”

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