Obama faces challenges created by US Visa changes when he visits India next week

- Posted in America by Visa Bureauon 01 November 2010

Obama arrives next week for a three-day visit in India, an important tour after recent tense bilateral relations over tightened US Visa regulations, Obama's opposition to the outsourcing of jobs to overseas companies and disagreements over India's nuclear liability policy.

Also in contention is US support, including military aid, to Pakistan as part of an anti-terrorist agreement.  Most Indians view Pakistan as a cradle of state-sponsored terrorism aimed at India.

Obama flies into Mumbai during the largest Hindu festival of Diwali, and so security will be exceptionally tight.

He will speak in front of 300 selected students from schools around Mumbai at the prestigious St Xavier's College, as well as visit the house where Mahatma Gandhi would stay when visiting Mumbai.

The president has often cited the Indian independence hero as a major inspiration.

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