NZ's "clean, green environment" the main draw-card for migrants

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 27 February 2009

Results show that nearly half of all skilled migrants who move to New Zealand are lured by its "climate or the clean, green environment" because of the country's commitment to harnessing renewable energy resources and the nation's combined efforts at keeping the impact of their daily activities on the environment at a minimum.

New Zealand currently produces only one-fifth of one per cent of the world's greenhouse gases, but its pursuit of reducing this figure further is persevered by the government.  Tourism operators are also continually striving to lessen their impact on the environment through sustainable approaches, being primary users of the New Zealand environment and natural landscapes.

As a result, New Zealand has gained global acknowledgement of its eco-friendly, refreshing lifestyle, and according to the Otago Daily News, migrants around the world are cottoning on.

"Ecomigrants", a new term being brandished about, are looking to New Zealand as their destination, including hundreds of nationals from the small Pacific Island Kiribati. 

Kiribati is losing much of its landscape to rising seas, which has been attributed to global warming, and as a result, hundreds of inhabitants are looking to emigrate to New Zealand.  In preparation, the island's President Tong has been up-skilling the population so that they may find work in New Zealand and contribute to its economy.

Besides the clean, green image New Zealand so readily upholds, migrants are attracted by its relatively stable economy, high standard of living, and a relaxed and unthreatened lifestyle, being one of the few counties that resists war and conflict at all costs.

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