NZ's adventure capital inundated with work permit applications

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 11 December 2008

According to Immigration New Zealand, the number of people applying for a New Zealand work permit has reached 1,348 in just five months, with 119 applications for housekeeping jobs and 96 for sales assistants. 

Around 290 were applications for unspecified jobs for people with partners who are from overseas and are granted "essential skills" work permits.  The remainder were primarily applications for jobs in the hospitality industry.

The New Zealand Immigration Service in Queenstown reported that they received between 110 and 120 work permit applications on a weekly basis.

The objective of the New Zealand Work Visa and Permit Policy is to contribute to the development of New Zealand industry and economy by attracting skilled migrants.  Work visas or permits are granted on a temporary residence basis; that is, they specify the maximum amount of time you are allowed to live and work in New Zealand. 

Permit applicants must also be able to prove they can financially support themselves while in New Zealand.  Under new rules, employers must guarantee a minimum of 30 hours a week to successful work visa applicants. 

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Article by Jessica Bird, New Zealand Visa Bureau.