NZ targets Australia to keep tourism industry growing

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 15 December 2008

Tourism New Zealand said last week at Destination Queenstown's quarterly meeting that in the quest for attracting the Aussie dollar, New Zealand's tourism industry would have to compete with Australia's appliance and car industries. 

"There's never been a cheaper time to buy appliances there," Tourism New Zealand's Australian manager Barry Eddington said.  "There is a lot of competition for that consumer dollar."

Experts predict that one million Australians would visit New Zealand next year, and Destination Queenstown has just secured an extra $1 million in funding to market the adventure capital to Australians.

As Australia and New Zealand are part of a specialised visa waiver programme, nationals from Australia can holiday or move to New Zealand without having a visa for New Zealand.

Visitor numbers to New Zealand from Australia have declined recently in response to the slowing down of the economy; however, Mr Barrington said the New Year is likely to bring more Australian visitors to the country as they abandon long-haul trips.

Mr Eddington told members of Destination Queenstown the money for Australian marketing would go into advertisement and features in weekend newspaper travel sections and magazines, targeting mostly urban Aussies in Sydney and Brisbane.

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Article by Jessica Bird, New Zealand Visa Bureau.