NZ looking to business travellers to boost tourism

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 11 February 2009

Reports show that business travellers to New Zealand have been dropping their spend during the financial downturn, and the travel company is determined to take advantage of this niche part of the New Zealand travel market – low-cost business travel.

The first Flight Centre Business Travel office will be opened in Albany, and by June 2010 they hope to have established a further dozen of the same.

The Flight Centre are hoping that their low-budget options for business travel will prove success during the economic slowdown, as figures show domestic business travellers spent 17 per cent less in the year to September 2008 than the same period last year. 

"The reason that we are doing this is we see this as just the opportunity to work with corporates and show them how they can be saving money," said Flight Centre business travel operations manager Angie Dudley.

The new stores will be stationed in industrial areas to target local markets, and small to medium-sized businesses.

"We saw a gap in this market.  A lot of people are trying to save costs and one of the highest costs to small business is travel."

Most travellers to New Zealand do not have to apply for a New Zealand visa to visit the country for three months or less (if they are from a visa-waiver country identified by Immigration New Zealand).  For those wishing to stay in New Zealand for an extended period for business reasons have two options for a New Zealand business visa; temporary entry with the option to residency or long-term permanent residency.  Applicants may qualify for residence in New Zealand as an investor, entrepreneur or an employee of a relocating business, and all applicants must meet all English language, health and character prerequisites to receive residence. 

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