NZ Immigration watchdog group angry at overstayer ruling

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 01 April 2011

Immigration New Zealand, the Government’s immigration department, has issued 20 warnings over the last eight months to education providers who have failed to comply with immigration law. New Zealand’s Immigration Act obliges education providers to ensure that all students enrolled have lawful authority to study in the country, by sighting and retaining a copy of a valid New Zealand visa.

Kiwi Immigration Watch, launched in April 2008 with an aim to highlight “inefficiency” and “corruption”, claims a disparity in the actions Immigration New Zealand have taken against educational providers in contrast to students themselves.  A spokesman for the group, Allan Hughes, said “Students are being deported and face the full force of the law, but schools guilty of breaching immigration law are just being issued letters. It's ludicrous, just absolutely ludicrous.”

Acting head of Immigration New Zealand, Stephen Dunstan, yesterday stated that the department has no comment to make on the matter.

The group cites the case of Menga Wang, a 23 year old Chinese student who had been enrolled by ICL Business School and AUT University in New Zealand who allowed her to complete diploma and degree courses despite Miss Wang failing to hold any visa to lawfully reside in the country. The institutions received approximately $40,000 from Miss Wang who claim to have enrolled her “in good faith” but have since refused to grant her degree due to her lack of a valid permit.

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