NZ: Historical Chinese trail to lure Chinese visitors

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 14 August 2008

The proposal for the trail links the Chinese garden in Dunedin, the goldfields of Lawrence-Tuapeka and the Cromwell Mining Centre.  Chinese historian Dr Jim Ng and tourism operator and consultant Ray Grubb believe the trail would attract more Chinese visitors to the region and enhance New Zealand’s tourism income. 

According to the newspaper, a review of the proposal said Otago already has other factors to lure more Chinese to visit New Zealand including the Chinese garden, Dunedin’s sister relationship with Shanghai and increased flights between China and New Zealand from New Zealand’s major airline carrier. 

Simon Turner, President of the Global Development for Starwood Hotels & Resorts said by 2020 over 100 million outbound trips will leave China every year, meaning it will be one of the biggest contributors to the global tourism market in the world.  

New Zealand particularly is experiencing a rapid increase in the numbers of visitors from China to the country.  "More and more Chinese visitors make their travels to New Zealand these years. The number increases by approximately 14 percent year-on-year on average, " said Chief Executive Officer Rob Fyfe of Air New Zealand. 

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Article by Jessica Bird, New Zealand Visa Bureau.