NZ Expo in London recruiting skilled migrants

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 20 October 2008

ASB, Beca, MercyAscot, Navman and the University of Canterbury were among the information providers, who spent most of their day collecting resumes and providing first-hand advice for prospective migrants.

"We’ve spoken to well over 100 people and collected in the region of 50 CVs," said Janet Lane from MercyAscot. "The HR department [is going to] contact six people with the intention to hire immediately and we have more to process.  It’s a great opportunity to meet people."

A representative from Canstaff, a recruitment company based in Canterbury, said the company has built a database of 13,000 people from the expos alone, and over the next few months, they will help 123 people emigrate to New Zealand.

Organisers say healthcare roles took a prominent position at the expo, in order to meet an increasing shortage in New Zealand's workforce. 

"There are huge shortages across the board.  GPs and medical staff are short and this needs to be addressed," said Dave Gilbert, Business Manager at Accident and Healthcare in the Bay of Plenty.  "We are targeting GPs, but really anyone with medical skills.  Three GPs were placed last week in Leeds and we have spoken to at least 100 people a day.  We’ve gone a long way to achieving our goal of placing six candidates."

Working In CEO Scott Mathieson said he was confident this year's expo will continue to place more skilled workers in areas of need in New Zealand, and that next year the pattern will set to increase.

"New Zealand continues to be a destination of choice for British migrants.  Even in the current economic climate, people are still looking overseas for the lifestyle opportunities that Britain doesn't offer," said Mr Mathieson.

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Article by Jessica Bird, New Zealand Visa Bureau.