Number of international students studying in New Zealand grows

The number of Indian students studying in New Zealand has been steadily increasing over the past five years, and this year the New Zealand Government has been marketing itself as a safe alternative to neighbouring Australia where many Indian students have faced racist attacks.

New Zealand has only around 6,000 Indian students, Australia has nearly 90,000, but this figure is a huge rise from the 500 Indian students in New Zealand five years ago.

“India has become an important source for students in recent years. The New Zealand government very much welcomes this growing Indian student body,” says New Zealand High Commissioner to India Rupert Holborow.

New Zealand invests about NZ$3 billion annually in the tertiary (universities and polytechnics) education system where most of the Indian students are enrolled. Following a number of racist attacks on Indians in Australia, New Zealand government has started marketing the country as a nation with a different culture from its neighbour.

“What we want to do is to remind education agents in India that New Zealand is a different country from Australia – in the nicest possible way,” Robert Stevens, chief executive of Education New Zealand, was quoted as saying by the New Zealand Herald in June.

The Sindh Today reported that many Indians living in New Zealand agree. There are also a lot of job opportunities for students and graduates in New Zealand despite the global recession.

Students who have completed a qualification in New Zealand or who have completed a course with a minimum completion time of 3 years can take up the Study to Work Policy permit to undertake employment after their studies.
They may also be eligible for a work to residence visa and take a step towards settling in New Zealand permanently if they meet the age, health and character visa requirements.

Other ways of emigrating to New Zealand include the skilled migration category where applicants that meet the New Zealand basic visa requirements and undergo the process of application can be granted the right to live and work in New Zealand.


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