No U.S. visa causes Kiwi pop star to cancel tour

- Posted in America by Visa Bureauon 08 October 2008

The tour was due to start in New York and then move on to Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco next week; however, the 80s-influenced performer has had to cancel all of her shows. 

Over two months ago Ms Brown applied for a visa for America so she could perform in the country, but because of "red tape" her visa could not be processed in time.

Ladyhawke has promised to reorganise her tour once her American visa arrives. 

This is not the first time this year performing artists have confronted trouble with border security when applying for temporary working visas.  American rapper Snoop Dogg was finally approved a visa for Australia for his October tour after months of deliberation from Australian immigration officials, and Busta Rhymes was detained temporarily by the UK Border Security for 12 hours before a High Court judge ordered his release in time to perform a free charity gig for RockCorps in London.

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Article by Jessica Bird, American Visa Bureau.