Nine out of ten New Zealand skilled migrants are content with new life

Migrants were surveys 12 months after moving to the country on a New Zealand Visa, and nine in ten skilled migrants (or 89 per cent) reported they were satisfied or very satisfied with life in New Zealand and 92 per cent said they would recommend New Zealand to others as a place to come and live.

The New Zealand Immigration research team, IMSED Research, undertakes the Settlement Experience Feedback Survey every year to collect the initial settlement experience of skilled/business stream migrants.

Other findings of the survey include:

  • The relaxed pace of life, and the clean and green environment were most likely to meet skilled migrants’ expectations;
  • 92 percent of principal applicants had found work in New Zealand at the time of the survey;
  • 76 per cent of employed skilled migrants said they were satisfied or very satisfied with their main occupation; AND
  • 73 per cent reported they were satisfied or very satisfied with the overall quality of their housing.

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