New Zealand Working Holiday Visa changes for Chinese nationals

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 14 September 2010

The New Zealand Working Holiday Visa changes will come into effect on 1 October 2010.

The new requirements for Chinese applicants include providing a senior high school qualification (gao zhong xue li) verified by the China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Centre (CDGDC), and a proven proficiency in English with a certificate from the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), showing an achievement of an average level of 5.5 over the four components of the test.
The IELTS certificate is now the only means of proving proficiency in English under the new Working Holiday Visa rules. 

The verification from the CDGDC and the IELTS certificate must be provided with all the other documentation requested by the New Zealand Immigration branch processing the visa application.

All other requirements for Chinese nationals under the New Zealand Working Holiday Visa scheme remain unchanged.

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