New Zealand Working Holiday makers to work in Queenstown by December

The adventure capital Queenstown is being used as a pilot for the rest of the country and Immigration New Zealand have confirmed that the idea may be used in other sectors if it was successful in the hospitality sector.

The trial is designed to pre-empt any shortages in labour Queensland might experience in the summer and also attract New Zealand Working Holiday Visa holders to the town with the promise of work.

To be part of the trial scheme, employers had to register their jobs, identifying themselves, their industry, the type and number of workers needed, and how long they would be needed for.

Nationals from countries such as Britain, Canada, United States, Ireland and Europe are especially targeted for the program and encouraged to register for the scheme. 

The New Zealand Working Holiday Visa Scheme gives young people aged between 18 and 30 the opportunity to travel to New Zealand and undertake employment during their stay. Overseas nationals interested in a New Zealand Working Holiday Visa can now apply online.

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