New Zealand visa agreement for Filipino healthcare and skilled workers

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 11 May 2010

New Zealand Immigration will allow up to 100 Philippine nurses to work in Registered Nurse jobs in the country at the one time. Nurses will be given a New Zealand Visa even while they are undergoing the required bridging courses and exam, and will be allowed to stay for a period of three years.

New Zealand will also allow up to 20 Philippine farm managers and 20 Philippine engineering professionals to enter the country at any one time for a period of three years.

New Zealand and the Philippines may also enter into negotiations for a reciprocal working holiday scheme open to up to 100 citizens of each country. A New Zealand Working Holiday Visa will allow young Filipinos the chance to live in New Zealand for up to a year and take up temporary work to support their travels.

The New Zealand Visa  arrangement follows negotiations under the AANZFTA agreement, which will allow for greater trade and business cooperation between member countries.

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