New Zealand tourists spend big on budget options

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 28 February 2012

While the typically expected luxury travellers remain the biggest spenders, holiday parks and camping grounds come a close second with an average spend of NZ$3,693 (£1,950) compared to the luxury traveller's average NZ$3,836 (£2,020).

This statistic is made even more surprising in comparison to the NZ$2,240 (£1,200) average spend of New Zealand's tourists across all accommodation options.

However, with a little more analysis, the trend can be explained.

The many tourists visiting the country on a New Zealand working holiday visa typically spend much longer in the country and see a lot more of the country's famous countryside.

"[Budget accommodation visitors] spend money on an enormous range of goods and services, in addition tourism activities and attractions," said Fergus Brown, chief executive of the Holiday Accommodation Parks Association of NZ (HAPNZ).

Mr Brown further explained that not only do budget travellers provide greater sums to the New Zealand economy, but also how they spend their money.

"They shop locally, buying grocers, petrol and personal items, bring extra income to local businesses."

Approximately 70% of the budget traveller's expenditure is after their arrival in New Zealand, rather on expensive booking prices for luxury accommodation.

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