New Zealand student visa programme top choice for Indians

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 08 April 2009

The New Zealand student visa programme is rising in popularity amongst the Indian international student market because all the perks it provides.  Not only do international students get a wide variety of courses to choose from, the opportunity to get a one year job search visa and two years New Zealand work permit after studies have been completed has been a major pulling factor.  Further, unlike many countries, students can work up to 20 hours per week if they apply to.

The weaker New Zealand dollar during the financial economic slowdown is making studying in New Zealand a cheaper option now, and with the possibility of emigrating to New Zealand permanently after studies have been completed, it has become a popular pathway to New Zealand emigration.

New Zealand Trade Commissioner Cliff Fuller told reporters that the last four years has seen an impressive growth spurt in the international student market from India in New Zealand.

"In 2005, the strength of Indian students studying in New Zealand was 2000 which has increased to 6000 in 2009," he said.

An educational fair will be held in India to encourage more Indians to consider participating in the New Zealand student visa programme and possibly securing a pathway to emigrating to New Zealand.

"Our key objective for holding this fair is to offer an opportunity to interested students to interact directly with representatives of institutions and understand prospects and feasibility of joining them," he added.

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