New Zealand Student Visa policy changes announced

The changes to New Zealand Student Visa policy means that applicants who intend to change a course and/or an education provider will be required to demonstrate that they continue to meet all the student policy requirements, have not breached visa conditions, and are a bona fide applicant.

 This new requirements also apply to those who are applying for a further New Zealand Visa to continue studies in New Zealand.

New Zealand Immigration have made the new policy requirements to ensure that international students are changing their course and/or education provider for genuine reasons, and ensure they continue to meet the student visa policies.

It is important that students do not withdraw, stop attending the education provider, or change course before obtaining approval from New Zealand Immigration to do so as this may affect the outcome of the application.

Those who have submitted their application online or through a New Zealand Embassy before 30 November 2009 do not need to meet the new policy.

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