New Zealand in top 20 countries for travel and tourism development

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 06 March 2009

The World Economic Forum's (WEF) third annual Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report showed that New Zealand was ranked 20th out of 133 countries, primarily because of its natural rich resources. 

Switzerland, Austria and Germany took the lead, while Australia came in at ninth place.

As the report focused on different regulatory and business-related issues in relation to tourism development, it said New Zealand's environment (including World Heritage Sites), airport infrastructure, high quality human resources, safe and secure environment and overall policy rules and regulations were its best factors for developing tourism.

Tourism Industry Association New Zealand chief executive Tim Cossar said the report highlights that New Zealand needs to improve its infrastructure and remove barriers to development.

In related news, according to New Zealand's Department of Labour, the main reason people emigrate to New Zealand lies in its clean, green image.

Results show that nearly half of all skilled migrants who move to New Zealand are lured by its "climate or the clean, green environment" because of the country's commitment to harnessing renewable energy resources and the nation's combined efforts at keeping the impact of their daily activities on the environment at a minimum.

Besides the clean, green image New Zealand so readily upholds, migrants are attracted by its relatively stable economy, high standard of living, and a relaxed and unthreatened lifestyle, being one of the few counties that resists war and conflict at all costs.

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