New Zealand immigration vital for the country's economy

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 12 March 2008

In news which may boost New Zealand immigration, a new international survey has suggested that the availability of skilled labour is being cited more and more by New Zealand businesses as a constraint on their growth. The study has been conducted by accountancy firm Grant Thornton, and it covered 34 countries.

"The disturbing factor is that it continues to climb as a worry for New Zealand firms. In the latest survey, 61 per cent of the New Zealand businesses surveyed said it was a major concern - last year the figure was 60 per cent and the year before that it was 38 per cent," spokesperson Peter Sherwin told the New Zealand Herald.

Australian businesses also warned of skill shortages, with 58 per cent of companies concerned - compared to a global average of just 37 per cent.

"It seems that while there has been a lot of focus on the drain of New Zealand skills to Australia, our transTasman neighbours have an almost equal issue with lack of workers," Mr Sherwin added.

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