New Zealand Immigration to draw Pacific ballots on Friday

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 21 July 2010

Immigration New Zealand head, Nigel Bickle, says a total of 9,538 registration applications were received under the 2010 SQ and PAC, which equates to 25,052 people.

Last year 11,139 applications were received, which totalled 29,620 people.
Mr Bickle said the numbers drawn from this year’s SQ and PAC ballots will be randomly selected and the results will be available during the first week of August.
There are 1,100 places for registrants from Samoa, 250 for Tonga and 75 each for Tuvalu and Kiribati.
Registrants who are successful in the ballots are invited to apply for residence in New Zealand if they obtain a satisfactory job offer in the country and meet other New Zealand immigration requirements.
The SQ ballot will be drawn at the New Zealand High Commission Office in Apia and the PAC quota will be drawn at the Immigration New Zealand Manukau branch in Westfield Plaza.
The Pacific quota provides an opportunity for citizens of the SQ and PAC countries to permanently emigrate to New Zealand.

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