New Zealand immigration law changes

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 31 August 2007

Bonus points are now available for people with a recognised qualification and work experience in an identified future growth area. However, the number of years of work experience required to claim the bonus points has been reduced.

If the applicant's partner has a New Zealand job offer or relevant qualification, the number of bonus points available has been increased.

Extra points are also granted where an applicant receives a job offer outside the largest city Auckland and where they have close family already living permanently in New Zealand.

There has been some adjustment of the definition of skilled employment and the list of recognised qualifications has been updated.

New Zealand's immigration ministry has also revamped the New Zealand visa application forms and guidebooks.

More information is available on the New Zealand Visa Bureau website. Anyone interested in New Zealand immigration should complete the online New Zealand visa assessment to see if they qualify for a New Zealand visa.