New Zealand immigration effective in identifying fraudulent entry documents

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 07 November 2007

An investigation by immigration officials discovered that 20 delegates to a conference meeting of the India New Zealand Joint Business Councils in Wellington had negative immigration histories. They subsequently discovered the fraudulent supporting documents.

The Indian businessmen were declined entry to the country as a result of the investigation, Television New Zealand reports. Apparently the majority of the applications were lodged at the last minute - only a week before the conference - despite clear instructions from the New Zealand immigration service that New Zealand visas take several weeks to process.

Initially the delegates were thought to have been approved by their organisation but it emerged that the group "was not sponsored by an Indian or New Zealand organisation", according to Department of Labour workforce deputy secretary Mary Anne Thompson.

"Nine of the ten applications came from people from companies not listed on the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce website," she confirmed.

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