New Zealand immigration 'could build up bricklaying industry'

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 21 February 2008

Tom Beams, of Beams Bricklaying told the newspaper: "I could do with another guy, maybe two, but finding competent people is impossible. There's no incentive for me to train them. It's a big cost for little return really for the first few years." He added that the company does not pay people "just for the sake of paying them, they have to produce". Through New Zealand skilled migration, bricklayers can enter the country and command high wages, without needing to be trained.

In related news, a company has revealed that UK workers are currently queuing up to take advantage of New Zealand immigration. Working In, which places overseas workers, has had to upgrade its recruitment drives in order to cope with the extra demand.

New Zealand needs skilled trade workers: Anyone applying for a New Zealand visa should begin by taking the New Zealand Visa Bureau's online New Zealand visa assessment to see if they meet the basic legislative requirements.