New Zealand immigration boosted by Chinese migrants

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 19 January 2010

The Department of Labour's Migration Trends and Outlook report, released just recently, also show that in 2009, for the second time in five years, China was the top source of new immigrants aged 20 and over.

Some 6361 new Chinese residents aged 20 and over passed through New Zealand Immigration last year, just above the UK's 6302.
Immigration Minister Jonathan Colemen said: "The growth in Chinese immigrant numbers overall reflects the fact that increasing numbers of Chinese nationals are choosing to study here, gain recognised qualifications and then compete for and obtain skilled employment in New Zealand".

Dr Coleman said the New Zealand visa and immigration policy was designed "to attract the type of migrants we want".

China also produced the highest number of new residents through the Parent Sibling Adult Child Stream and the Parent policy, which is aimed at reuniting close family members.

A total of 46,097 people were granted permanent residence in New Zealand last year, 62 per cent of them from the skilled and business stream.

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