New Zealand changes Active Investor Migrant Policy rules

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 22 November 2007

Immigration New Zealand has announced changes to Active Investor Migrant policy and the system will now be divided into three categories depending on the investor's potential contribution and level of risk.

The aim of the policy is to allow immigration for those who have potential to make a significant contribution to New Zealand's economy. It aims to ensure only genuine investors, committed to living in New Zealand and with the ability to contribute long-term to the New Zealand economy and society, gain residence.
The three new tiers are as follows:

Global Investors - top priority category for high value investors investing $20 million (including at least $5 million in active investment).

Professional Investors - a second priority category for migrants investing $10 million (including at least $2 million actively).

General (Active) Investors - a category for those investing a minimum of $2.5 million. Applicants selected through a points system.

The previous system required $2 million to be deposited with the government, with a return equal to the rate of inflation.

Immigration New Zealand said it hoped the new method of active investment would facilitate closer links between investor migrants and New Zealand businesses. In addition it hopes that investor migrants are more likely to utilise their human and financial capital to support New Zealand’s economic development.

The new policy will be implemented in November this year and the annual cap on the number of places available under the Active Investor Migrant policy is 1,000 people (around 300 applications).

New Zealand needs skilled professionals: Anyone applying for a New Zealand visa should begin by taking the New Zealand Visa Bureau's online New Zealand visa assessment to see if they meet the basic legislative requirements.