New US immigration law grants residency to orphaned Haitian children

- Posted in America by Visa Bureauon 06 January 2011

The passing of the Help Haitian Adoptees Immediately to Integrate Act of 2010 (Help HAITI Act of 2010) gives security to the Haitian orphans who were in the process of being adopted by American families before the tragic earthquake.

President Barack Obama signed the bill into law last month.

Following the massive earthquake, the Haitian orphans were evacuated to the US by the US Government with the Haitian Government's permission, before their adoptions could be finalised in Haitian courts.

Previously, due to a technicality in the law these children would have had to wait two years before they may become legal permanent residents.

The act now allows the adoptive American families the ability to apply immediately to obtain legal permanent residency for their children and enable to them eventually qualify for US citizenship.

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