New UK visa fees introduced today

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 06 April 2009

The new UK visa fees are part of the UK Border Agency's attempts to make British migrants pay for the costs they pose on the British community.  The 'migrant tax', which is likely to be £50 per UK visa and would bring in around £70 million over the next two years, will be used to offset the financial pressure that people UK visa holders put on infrastructure and health services. 

Hazel Blears, community secretary, said the Government has to be realistic about the positives and negatives that UK immigration has on local communities.

"While many migrants play an important role in our community, we need an honest debate about the local pressures that migration can create on our public services.

"This fund will pay for the public services in the areas where migration has the biggest impact on our local communities," Ms Blears said.

Schools, GP surgeries and other public services will be the primary benefactors of the migration tax revenue.

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