New UK Visa category to attract entrepreneurs

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 08 November 2010

Speaking before businessmen and entrepreneurs, Cameron said not enough was being done to attract the next generation of wealth creators and job makers to Britain. Cameron referred to recent Home Office research that showed many skilled professionals from outside the EU who entered Britain with a UK Visa under the Tier 1 stream were doing unskilled work - which he said shows this category "was a total failure".

Cameron said: "I can announce today that we will create a new Entrepreneur Visa. These Entrepreneur Visas will mean that if you have a great business idea, and you receive serious investment from a leading investor, you are welcome to set up your business in our country".

"So as we act to bring net migration to Britain down to the tens of thousands, I want this message to be heard loud and clear the whole world over: In every classroom or laboratory where a bright idea is born, every bedroom where a business case is put together, if you've got an idea, if you want to create jobs, and if you have the ambition to build a world beating company here in the UK," Cameron said.

"We want you; we'll make it easy for you; we'll put out the red carpet for you. With our new Entrepreneur Visa we want the whole world to know that Britain wants to become the home of enterprise and the land of opportunity".

The coalition Government introduced the controversial cap of 24,100 non-EU migrants until April 2011, by when a permanent UK Visa cap will be imposed, however, Cameron said as non-EU economic migration is reduced the Government will reform Tier 1 to make sure that it is genuinely a route only for the best.

Cameron announced in the House of Commons last week that the Inter-Company Transfers (ICT), will not be affected by the current review of  UK immigration rules.

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