New UK visa application forms effective from today for tier 4 applicants

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 01 June 2009

The new UK visa application forms for tier 4 (UK student visa) will go live today for only those applying from within Britain from this date.

Included with the new UK visa application forms for tier 4 and PBS dependents are changes to the policy guidance. 

Firstly, transitional arrangements for tier 4 students have been extended so that until 30 September 2009, they do not have to prove their finances until the day they lodge their UK visa application.  Previously, the rules required UK visa applications for the student visa to prove they could financially support themselves during their study at least 28 days prior to their application.

Slight revisions have also been made to the requirements for loan documentation, so that not all proofs of loans from financial institutions require an account number of the tier 4 applicant taking out that loan.

Further, if a tier 4 applicant is approved financial sponsorship for their study period in the UK, then that sponsor can now also financially sponsor that tier 4's dependents.

Digital or scanned signatures are also now accepted forms of signatures on official visa letters.

Applicants who are lodging a tier 4 UK visa application to study outside of London will have reduced maintenance requirements, meaning they will not need to prove they have as much financial support during their studies as those applying to London-based universities. 

All UK visa applications lodged onshore for the tier 4 category will now need to use the new forms and follow the above guidance changes for their UK visa application to be approved.

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