New UK Immigration and nationality fees come into effect today

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 04 October 2010

The UK Visa and immigration fee increases will help the department meet budgetary pressures, alongside efficiency savings.

“The Government has looked again at the contribution made towards the costs of running an immigration system by the users of that system, balanced against those costs met by the UK taxpayer and we believe proposals to increase fees at this time are in the best interests of the UK,” the minister for Immigration Damian Green said.

Mr Green said securing the UK border brings with it unavoidable cost, especially as the UK Border Agency seeks to improve customer services.

The new fees were announced on 9 September, with more fee increases to come into effect in November.

UK Visas that have been increased include the Tier 1 (transition) Visa from the previous fee of £256 to £332, the Tier 1 (transition)  CESC from £235 to £300, and the  Tier 1 Post Study Visa has increased from £315 to £344.

The ministerial statement about the increase in fees as well as the full list of fee increases to be applied can be viewed here.

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