New style of ePassport for New Zealand immigration

The new style New Zealand immigration ePassport has been tested with key international border agencies, such as the Department of Homeland Security in the US,  and been accepted for use.

As well as improved security features, the new ePassport better reflects New Zealand’s identity telling the story of New Zealand through themes of navigation and travel. The cover is black with a silver fern design and the language is English and Te Reo Maori throughout.

The Government has said as well as the international border agency testing the new passports have been tested using international specialists  to help resolve any system or production issues. Every passport that is issued to the public will have met exacting technical standards and new ePassport holders should face no technical issues when they travel.

The new ePassport will be gradually phased in over the next few months, is able to be used at Smartgates, and the price of a new passport is unchanged.

New Zealand Goverment will gradually introducing the new style ePassport over the next few months as it uses up its stock of the existing style ePassport, issuing both styles of passport at the same time during the transition period.

When stocks of the older style ePassport are used up the New Zealand Government will issue only the new style ePassport.

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