New report reveals two-thirds of Australians support immigration

- Posted in Australia by Visa Bureauon 28 July 2014

Almost half the people ­surveyed by Newspoll support Australia’s ­existing immigration intake, which settled 190,000 immigrants last year. Two-thirds of those who migrated were skilled migrants. A further twenty-two per cent surveyed were in favour of an even higher intake. Support was strongest amongst young Australians, high income earners and the residents of capital cities.

When asked about where they would like to see new migrants from, European, African and Asian migration enjoyed the strongest public support - 26 per cent of Australians sought more ­migrants from Europe,18 per cent wanted to see more Asian migrants and 20 per cent support more immigration from Africa.

Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, the parliamentary secretary to the Minister for Social Services, spoke on Australia's immigration levels, saying that the country has absorved 7.5 million migrants since 1945, including over 800,000 refugees. "We put our commitment to Australia and its values first, and we are a culturally diverse nation with one of the most cohesive soc­ieties on earth,’’ said Fierravanti-Wells.

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