MP accused of falsely helping woman's New Zealand visa application

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 18 May 2009

Bakshi has denied allegations that he gave a woman a false job offer for her New Zealand visa application so that she could have her visa approved for emigrating to New Zealand.

As a New Zealand visa application is awarded on the basis of a points system, certain criteria such as having a job offer using a skill that is in need would greatly help an applicant towards having their application approved.  If the allegations on the MP are found to be true, it would mean that he has illegally helped a woman gain an unfair advantage for emigrating to New Zealand over other hopeful migrants.

The Prime Minister John Key said he is happy for the investigations into the complaint against the MP to continue, so that the New Zealand immigration service can assure the public it is remaining impartial and honest.

According to TVNZ, Key also said that no MP should have an unfair advantage in securing the approval of a New Zealand visa application for people emigrating to New Zealand, and that all persons committing to the process should be subjected to New Zealand immigration laws.

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