More people emigrate to New Zealand to escape climate changes

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 30 March 2009

'British eco-migrants' are choosing to emigrate to New Zealand because of its status as being a safe haven from drastic climatic changes.  James Lovelock, scientist and environmentalist, said in his new book that New Zealand would be one of the world's last environmental sanctuaries from the long-term impacts of climate change.

According to the Times, British families are now emigrating to New Zealand in anticipation of the impending climate change in the UK, and are reaping all the benefits in the meantime, including cheaper cost of living, competitive salaries, and reduced stress. 

One couple who moved north of Auckland from Albany said that the attraction to New Zealand lay in the climate and the chance of a serene outdoor lifestyle that was free from extreme and damaging weather patterns, as well as the reduced traffic, pollution and house prices.

"England was just having more and more flooding — if that continues, half of it is going to be underwater," Lizzy Larmer-Cottle said.

At the recent climate conference in Copenhagen, New Zealand was rated as having a high chance of resisting global food pressures in many generations to come because of its low population density, agricultural independence and availability of farmland.

American Nasa employee also emigrated to New Zealand last month with his family because of his concerns with the environment.

"I am not going to predict how the climate might change and how it might affect New Zealand," Adam Fier said.  "But quite honestly, I feel in 100 years, one of my daughters is still going to be alive and this planet is going to be a mess."

The New Zealand Prime Minister has said this month that the Government would not be following in Australia's footsteps and reducing its skilled migration scheme.  Instead, it would continue to allow the skilled migration scheme to achieve its goal of filling skills gaps in the workforce by encouraging people with the right skills to emigrate to New Zealand.

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