More engineers on New Zealand's most wanted list: New Zealand Visa Bureau

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 06 July 2006

The Immediate Skill Shortage List identifies regions that are most in need of workers with specific skills, and these are the migrants that New Zealand's Skilled Migration programme aims to attract most.

Potential migrants to the country can receive a maximum of 25 bonus points towards their assessment if their occupation is on the Immediate Skill Shortage list and they have the relevant experience in that occupation.

The ammendments to the Immediate SKilled Shortage list come into effect after July 24th, 2006.

Added to all regions
  • Clinical research associate.
Amendments and additions to regions
  • Mechanical engineer technician (Canterbury/Upper South Island and Otago/Southland)
  • Electrical mechanic/fitter (Canterbury/Upper South Island and Otago/Southland)
  • Electrical engineering technician (Canterbury/Upper South Island and Otago/Southland)
  • Mining engineer (Waikato/Bay of Plenty, Canterbury/Upper South Island and Otago/Southland)
  • Senior policy analyst (Wellington).

Meanwhile, 750 Expressions of Interest, representing 1774 people applying under the Skilled Migrant Programme, were selected by the Department of Immigration this last fortnight and will now undergo preliminary verification to determine if an invitation to apply for residency will be issued.

Anyone who is interested in emigrating to New Zealand should visit the New Zealand Visa Bureau web site and complete the Online Assessment to see if they meet the basic requirements.